I'm madison. I'm 18 and currently trying to put everything together. I have a passion for growth. I write a lot. I think a lot. I live a lot.

I always wished to be a fortune teller but i do no speak of futures, only truths.
I am one part fathers mugshot two parts disinherrited.
I am the hum of dragonfly wings that resemble bees and planes too close to home.
I am folding up origami paper and collapsing in on myself.
Sometimes people are too afraid to see what is truly before them.
I am windshield wipers revealing car accidents and road kill before you.
I am shining a light on the dark you do not miss…
Every oil lamp runs out of fuel.

My heart is cotton candy, sugar spun , frail.
Even then I am forced to choose between blue and pink.
Sometimes I am-in-between-lavender.
My mother says in this case being purple doesn’t make you royal.
That explains why I never quite felt like a king or queen.
To them I am:
-purple mold growing on sandwich bread.
-i am old grapes.
-And bruise covered knee caps.
To me…
Though they’re right that;
I am not cotton candy sweet.
I am not royal.
I am in between.
-I find that I grow like purple wildflowers.
-I am discontinued heinz colorful ketchup.
-I am the eggplant growing in my grandmothers garden.
-I watch with ripe plum eyes and write with blueberry fingertips.
-I am my grandmothers amethyst engagement ring.
-I finish off the rainbow in mothers favorite color.
-I paint with my acrylic soul.
Scatter lavender sunsets across pink and blue skies.


Lorde is 17 and just won 2 Grammys I’m 21 and I spilled yogurt on my chest this morning 

(via pizza)